The Permanent Representative Gives Statement of Arab Group at Meeting of States Parties to the Agreement (BWC)

The Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations Office at Geneva Ambassador Dr. Hussein Mahmoud Al-Khatib gave the Statement of the Arab Group in Geneva at the Meeting of the States Parties to the BWC.

Dr. Hussein Mahmoud Al-Khatib stressed the importance of enhancing scientific cooperation and transfer of technology in accordance with the purposes and requirements of the Convention, indicating the increasing importance of the issue of security and combating biological terrorism, which necessitates the development of measures aimed at preventing the abuse of pathogens, their transfer, or their deliberate release, in addition to intensifying  Regional, and multilateral levels to prevent unauthorized groups and terrorist groups from being able to create, produce, store, acquire, or use biological agents, equipment, or means of delivery.

In the same context, the Permanent Representative called for the implementation of the provisions of the Convention in a manner consistent with the right to the peaceful use of science and biotechnology, and to avoid hindering economic or technological development of the States parties and international cooperation in the field of peaceful biological activities.