Iraq Participates in Oslo Fourth Review Conference on Mine-Free World

Iraq participated in the Fourth Review Conference on Mine-Free World, the delegation reviewed the progress made by Iraq under the 2017-2021 Plan of Action, the role of relevant state institutions to raise awareness of the dangers of mines, as well as assisting victims and reintegrating them into society in addition to provide them with moral and humanitarian support and facilitating organizations working to clear mines and remnants of war from the Iraqi governorates in order to achieve the main objectives of the conference in 2025.

The conference, which was held in Oslo, Norway, concluded with the signing of the APLC document in compliance with the decisions of the Conference, which included the Oslo Action Plan for the next five years, and the draft declaration, which renewed the commitment of the acceding States to their obligations to follow up on their commitments in  Mine action, preservation of life, assistance to victims, the ongoing development of mine-affected areas, the total prohibition of the use of mines by all Member States, and the for the universality of the Convention, and the successful implementation of the terms of the agreement in a spirit of cooperation and transparency.

The delegation of Iraq to the Conference included Ms. Zainab Al-Zuhairi, interim charge d’affaires at the Iraqi Embassy in Oslo, a number of embassy staff, as well as representatives of the Ministries of Health and Defense.