The Foreign Ministry condemns in the strongest terms the attack on the consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Najaf by strangers that are distant from the reality of demonstrations taking place in a number of Iraqi cities, and we believe that its purpose is clear; to harm the historical relations between Iraq and Iran and countries of the world whose missions are in Iraq.

While we affirm that the demonstrations are a guaranteed right and that the demands of the demonstrators were and are still acceptable to the government, we have always warned against the entry of persons who want to divert the demonstrations with the right demands from the seriousness of legal discipline and its proper course.  The consulate in Najaf has been exposed to clear evidence of their agendas that are distant from the national demands; we stress the need to secure missions and not to expose those working in them.

We call on the demonstrators to be vigilant against those suspects who want to discredit demonstrations that call for reform.The Foreign Ministry affirms that the diplomatic missions operating in Iraq are highly respected and appreciated. We emphasize that this is not an official point of view, and that we are committed to our bilateral strategic relations and to build upon them to achieve the aspirations of our peoples.

Iraqi Foreign Ministry /Baghdad