The Foreign Minister Chairs the Meeting of League of Arab States Council at the Ministerial Level

Foreign Minister Mohamad A. Alhakim chaired a meeting of the League of Arab States Council at the ministerial level to discuss the dangerous development of the US administration’s stance on Israeli settlement in the State of Palestine.

Minister Alhakim delivered a speech in which he stressed that Washington’s recent position in not to consider Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank contrary to international law, considering that  such a position is a clear bias in favor of the Zionist entity at the expense of the legitimate and inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, and represents a legitimization of the Zionist occupation, a change of historical realities on the ground, and hinders efforts to achieve a comprehensive and just settlement of the Palestinian issue.

Minister Alhakim called for making use of the international positions in solidarity with the rights of the Palestinian people, and the need for the Arab states to work together more effectively in order to formulate a public opinion rejecting the American directions.

Minister Alhakim warned that this decision contributes significantly to fueling the situation in the region, and reflects negatively on its security and stability.

Minister Alhakim concluded by reiterating Iraq’s position on the Palestinian issue, pointing out that Iraq stresses its firm stance in supporting the rights of the Palestinian people, in the forefront of which is the establishment of an independent state with Alquds as its capital, adding that stability in the region will not be achieved without a just and lasting solution to the Palestinian issue in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy.