The Ambassador of Republic of Iraq to Cairo Meets with the Assistant Foreign Minister for Arab Affairs

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Cairo and Permanent Representative to the League of Arab States Mr. Ahmed Nayef Al-Dulaimi, Assistant Foreign Minister for Arab Affairs, Ambassador Mr. Yasser Othman. At the beginning of the meeting, Ambassador Al-Dulaimi congratulated Ambassador Othman on his appointment as assistant minister for Arab affairs, stressing the importance of holding the joint Iraqi-Egyptian Higher Committee as it represents the importance of achieving the interests of both countries. During the meeting, the two sides discussed the issue of re-licensing the Rafidain Bank branch in Cairo. The Ambassador conveyed the desire of Iraq to sign a memorandum of understanding to facilitate the entry of Iraqis to Egypt. They also discussed the subject of the memorandum of understanding on the mutual exemption of visa for holders of diplomatic and service passports.