The Foreign Minister Gives Lecture at Dutch Clingendael Institute of International Relations

Foreign Minister Mohamad A. Alhakim gave a lecture at the Dutch Clingendael Institute of International Relations, titled: “Iraq in the Middle East: Battleground or Bridge Building.”

In his lecture, Minister Alhakim focused on the political, economic and security priorities of the partnership between Iraq and European Union countries, in addition to highlighting the important points of Iraq’s foreign policy aimed at strengthening relations with neighboring countries, as well as the measures taken by the Iraqi government to build the best relations with the countries of the world. The Minister also reviewed the developments of the situation in Syria, Yemen, the crisis between America and Iran, and the tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran, illustrating the efforts made by Iraq to bring the views closer and calm the situation in the region.

Minister Alhakim also touched on important developments in Iraq’s relationship with the Netherlands, welcoming the success of the first round of political consultations held in The Hague in February 2018, and expressed the hope that the second round will be held in Baghdad before the end of this year.

The Minister expressed his appreciation for the positions of the Dutch government in support of Iraq politically, security and economically, in particular the decision of the Dutch government to place Iraq among the countries of special interest, and the resulting strategy to support Iraq in the sectors of water management, agriculture and education.

Minister Alhakim explained that Iraq is working to develop its economy, create enough job opportunities for young people, and began to rebuild its infrastructure after it finally defeated Da’esh terrorist gangs and achieved clear stability.

The Minister expressed his appreciation to the Dutch side for the initiative of the Dutch Clingendael Institute to organize training courses for the Iraqi diplomatic staff. He also thanked the IHE Delft Institute for organizing the first session for the staff of the Ministry of Water Resources, which will update the Iraqi national strategy for land and water management and the initiative of organizing a course on the subject of water diplomacy for Iraqi staff.