Foreign Minister Gives Iraq Speech on behalf of the President of Republic at 18th Non-Aligned Movement Summit

Foreign Minister Mr. Mohamad A. Alhakim gave Iraq’s speech on behalf of the President of the Republic at the 18th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement inwhich he called on Member States to join efforts in confronting the crises facing the region through the sound management of disputes and the adoption of the principle of dialogue in finding sustainable solutions and renouncing violence and extremism.

Minister Alhakim added: “I assure you that we still face great challenges in the midst of the crisis and developments in a regional and international environment full of turmoil and dangers, and the international interaction and crises witnessed in our region may warn of war if we do not improve its management and may then be reflected in the risk of a scourge that drags our countries.

Ministers Alhakim explained the vision of Iraq and the principles on which it is based in determining its political positions: Iraq confirms that its foreign policy is based on firm constitutional principles that are keen to establish strong relations among all states based on mutual respect, non-interference in internal affairs, refusing to interfere in Iraqi affairs, and consolidate cooperation and closer stability with our regional and international environment.
And on confronting Da’esh terrorist gangs which represents a prolonged threat to all countries of the world , to eliminate it requires that international efforts join forces in supporting countries facing this danger, noting: that the establishment of stability in Iraq requires the cooperation and support of our brothers, neighbors and friends to stand by us and to cooperate among Member States of the Movement.
Minister Alhakim stated that Iraq’s security is central to the security of the region, and believe that any clash in the Middle East would threaten Iraq’s security. Iraq will do its utmost to open constructive and direct dialogue and renounce violence.

Minister Alhakim called for the importance of adhering to the principles of the Non-Aligned Movement, which constituted an important work system that guides the positions of the member states. Our belief in the principles of our movement has enabled our countries to work on common grounds, first and foremost seeking to distance themselves from international alignments away from bias and conflicts.

Minister Alhakim stressed Iraq’s support for the Movement’s leadership in its aspirations for the next phase, and the importance of discussing ways to strengthen its work through the unification of visions, and consensus in decisions, and concluded his speech by reiterating Iraq’s firm stances regarding the suffering of some countries in the region, and the occupied Palestinian territory: Iraq affirms its permanent and unwavering support for the Palestinian people in its struggle, its resistance to the Israeli occupation and its settlement policy, so as to guarantee its right to self-determination, and to obtain its legitimate rights and establish an independent state with Alquds as its capital.
Minister Alhakim also expressed Iraq’s position on the Israeli occupation of the Syrian Golan: the Golan is Syrian Arab land, and we reject the Israeli occupation of it, and the need to abide by Security Council resolution (497) of 1981, which calls for the complete withdrawal of the occupation from the Golan.
In the same context, Minister Alhakim stressed Iraq’s keenness to end the suffering of the Syrian people and enable them to achieve a political solution based on confronting terrorism and resolving the Yemen crisis and supporting efforts to end the suffering of the Yemeni people in order to achieve security, stability and prosperity Minister Alhakim considered that the preserving of regional and international security starts with the adoption of peace in Iraq, the solidarity of the Movement’s countries in the face of terrorism and extremism, respect for the sovereignty of States, non-interference in internal affairs, and the strengthening of the bonds of friendship.