Foreign Minister Gives Iraq’s Speech at Summit for Heads of State and Government of Non-aligned Movement

Foreign Minister Mohamad A. Alhakim gave Iraq’s speech at the meeting of Heads of State and Government of Non-aligned Movement and began by affirming the Iraqi government’s endeavor to implement the priorities of the government program for: security, law enforcement, services, education, health, good governance, building a prosperous economy, and raising the standard of living for the citizens.

Minister Alhakim praised the positions of member states of the Movement in supporting Iraq in its fight against terrorism, stating that “We look forward to providing support to the families of the victims of terrorism, and for cooperation with us in the reconstruction of liberated cities, for the return of displaced persons to their areas of residence,” adding that  ” We call on member states of the Movement to actively contribute to the restoration of Iraqi antiquities stolen by Da’esh terrorist gangs.

Minister Alhakim revealed that Iraq is seeking to develop the Movement’s path to achieve the highest goals.

In his speech, the Minister reiterated Iraq’s position on the crises in the Gulf region stating that Iraq seeks to play a prominent and important role in international politics by calling for the resolve of crises in the region through peaceful means, especially the Gulf region, and working to prevail the language of the Dialogue.

Minister Alhakim reaffirmed Iraq’s unwavering stance on the Palestinian issue, calling for supporting the rights of the Palestinian people in their resisting the occupation and guaranteeing their right to self-determination.