Joint Statement

In order to enhance bilateral relations between the Republic of Iraq and the French Republic, and for their common desire to discuss current issues, the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affaires of the Republic of France, Mr. Jean-Yves Le Drian, visited Iraq from 17-18 October 2019, where he held in-depth talks on political and regional issues that were characterized by a friendly atmosphere.

Iraq and France have expressed their determination to preserve the achievements of the five years of joint fighting against Da’esh terrorists gangs which is jeopardized by instability in northern Syria as a result of the Turkish attack.
Both Iraq and France expressed serious concern about the humanitarian situation resulting from this attack on Syria and its repercussions in Iraq, and that they are continuing to cooperate closely to face the repercussions of these situations.
Iraq and France are also gravely concerned that Da’esh may re-emerge because of the threat posed by these terrorist fighters and the consequences for stability in northern Syria, as well as the situation of the fighters now held in that area. The fate of Da’esh fighters is a fundamental issue for the security of both Iraq and France, and the two sides will continue their dialogues in order to reach a mechanism that will ensure avoiding impunity and provide justice and security for all. As partners in the Global Coalition against Da’esh the parties expressed their willingness to participate together, in the next few days, in the ministerial meeting of the Global Coalition against Da’esh in the hope that the latter would lead to the identification of new formulas to continue to fight Da’esh as well as to find solutions on how to deal with all terrorists fighters.
France expressed its support for Iraq, not only through close bilateral cooperation on the security and political level, but also through its support for the State and Government of Iraq and the humanitarian effort, and to restore stability and rebuild the country, and to carry out the reforms expected by the Iraqi youth, where France is making efforts in their favor in the fields of education and culture.
The two countries expressed their determination to strengthen their cooperation in various sectors in order to build a real strategic partnership and make this bilateral relationship a factor of balance and stability in the Middle East.