The Embassy of Republic of Iraq in Madrid Holds Invitation for Spanish Journalists

The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Madrid has invited three Spanish women working in the media field Ms. Pilar Bernal of Channel 5, Ms. Teresa Aranguren, coordinator and producer, and Ms.  Sandra Baricara, a photographert.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Madrid, Dr. Adel Mustafa Kamel, welcomed the women who want to visit Iraq this month to cover the Arb’aeen pilgrimage of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.

    The journalists  thanked the embassy for hospitality and the warm welcome from the Ambassador and expressed their great desire to visit Iraq and their curiosity to know the culture  which the media doesn’t cover  and stressed their endeavor to seize the opportunity and accomplish a number of various reports on the ability of the Security forces to keep the land and its constant response to terrorist attempts and to meet with Spanish and European women prisoners and hold dialogues with them, as well as to visit universities and cultural institutions and meet with artists and intellectuals.

 In turn, the ambassador promised to provide all assistance to them and all foreign media who want to visit Iraq, especially as the security environment in Iraq allows this constructive media communication.