Iraq Chairs Emergency Session of Council of Arab Foreign Ministers at the Headquarters of the League of Arab States to Discuss the Turkish Offensive on Syrian Territory

Iraq, represented by Foreign Minister Mr. Mohamad A. Alhakim chaired the emergency session of the Council of Arab Foreign Ministers at the League of Arab states to discuss the Turkish offensive on Syrian territory.

The Foreign Minister gave a speech at the meeting in which he affirmed a number of points and the measures that the League of Arab states should undertake.

Minister Alhakim started by denouncing the Turkish offensive on syrian territory, explaining that it is a flagrant violation of its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, and threatens to ignite further conflicts in Syria and the region, pointing out that it is a dangerous escalation that will exacerbate humanitarian crises and increase the suffering of the Syrian people.

Minister Alhakim warned that this military action enhances the ability of terrorists to reorganize their remnants, and undermines the efforts of the international community in the fight against terrorist organizations, especially Da’esh   which threatens the countries of the region and the world pointing out that Iraq will be one of the countries affected by these operations and called on the League of Arab States and the international community to mobilize efforts, to take responsibility for the Turkish incursion by moving swiftly to stop military actions, and to find a political solution that would end the suffering of all Syrians and ensure their rights, stressing the need to activate Syria’s membership in the Arab League, to return to the Arab rank, and contribute to facing the challenges of the region, and to strengthen Arab solidarity.

Minister Alhakim concluded by reiterating Iraq’s rejection of any interference in Syrian affairs, and encouraging the Syrian parties to engage in a democratic process that guarantees the rights of all components of its people.