Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Participates in Warsaw Security Forum

The Foreign Ministry Undersecretary, Mr. Moayad Saleh, participated in the Warsaw Security Forum organized by the Kashnia Boasex Foundation for the period 2-3/10/2019 in the Polish capital Warsaw.

Mr. Saleh participated in the roundtable and talked about the recent security developments in Iraq after the victory over (Da’esh) terrorists and the stable security situation after liberating all the cities and extending security throughout Iraq.

On 3/10/2019, Mr. Saleh also participated in a session (fire side chat) in which he talked about the democratic transformation witnessed in Iraq after 2003, the peaceful transfer of power in democratic elections in all its stages, and the unrelenting pursuit of Iraq to live in peace and security away from all conflicts and regional tendencies that affects the security in the world and the keenness of Iraq in the post 2003 period to restore its relations with all countries of the world.  The Undersecretary also answered several questions that were asked by journalists that attend the session.

On the sidelines of the forum, the Undersecretary met at the Foreign Ministry with the Undersecretary for Eastern Affairs, Economic Diplomacy and Development Cooperation (Mr. Marvin Przydacz), and discussed bilateral relations and ways of developing them. The talks dealt with the most important developments in the region, where Mr. Saleh underlined the need to find international understandings in the region based on the principle of mutual respect between all countries and the prevailing language of calmness to resolve most of the political problems, noting that Iraq’s foreign policy emphasizes the need to work away from engaging in international struggle and work without being hauled into bias policy adding  that Iraq now enjoys good relations with most countries in the region.

On the development of relations between the two countries, the Undersecretary stressed the necessity of opening the Polish Embassy in an independent building, which is currently working within the British Embassy building, in addition to exchange of visits between the two countries at the highest levels and enhancing economic, cultural and scientific cooperation, stating that  Polish national visas should be granted holders of diplomatic and service passports, in addition to discussing ways to resolve outstanding issues between the two friendly countries.

On his part, the Polish Undersecretary welcomed all the statements made by Mr. Saleh and promised to take all the issues discussed during the meeting to Polish government for the development of relations and progress to higher level between the two countries, adding that Iraq is one of the important countries for the Gulf region and relations and cooperation between the two countries are historic and in constant development.

Mr.  Saleh also met with the Polish Undersecretary of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, Mr. Marvin Ociepa at the Ministry building.

 Mr. Saleh welcomed the visit of the Polish delegation to Iraq to activate the meetings of the Iraqi-Polish Joint Committee after the Polish parliamentary elections to be held on the 15th of this month and invited Polish companies to participate in reconstruction and investment in all Iraqi Governorates.