Iraqi Ambassador in The Hague Receives SPARK International Development Advisor

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to The Hague, Dr. Hisham Al-Alawi, received in his office Ms. Beatrice Maneshi, International Development Advisor to SPARK.

At the beginning of the meeting, Ms. Beatrice gave an overview of the programs and projects that her organization is implementing in Iraq in cooperation with the relevant international organizations and in coordination with the competent Iraqi authorities aiming to help post-conflict societies and achieve the requirements of sustainable development. The organization recently opened an office in Mosul. It is hoped that other offices will be opened in Baghdad and Basra.

On his part, the Ambassador expressed the readiness of the Embassy to communicate with the competent government authorities in Iraq to facilitate the tasks of the organization and the implementation of programs and projects for the purpose of accelerating the achievement of the requirements of sustainable development in Iraq, especially in the areas of humanitarian and support for the displaced.