Embassy of Republic of Iraq in The Hague Lists the Issue of Iraq’s Water Challenges and Basra especially in Work of World Water Week Conference AIWW

In continuance with the previous meetings and in response to the request of the embassy to​​include the issue of water challenges in Iraq and Basra, especially in the World Water Week Conference, which will be held Amsterdam at the beginning of November Ambassador of Iraq in The Hague received Ms.  Sabrina Doetjes, Middle East Portfolio Officer in Dutch Water Partnership, Mr. Ele Jan Saaf, Director of Saaf Consult BV, Water and Environmental Consultants, and Moderator for Iraq.

At the beginning of the meeting, they reviewed the next steps, the mechanism of the session management, and the times that will be allocated to discuss the water challenges in Iraq, providing some proposals that would contribute to the success of the session, and reach the desired goals.

Ms. Doetjes and Mr. Saaf expressed their support for the initiatives offered by the Embassy, ​​particularly the proposals made by Ambassador Al-Alawi as well as the proposal to include the issue of Iraq’s water challenges and Basra, especially in the paragraphs of the programs of the World Water Week expressing appreciating for the role of the Ambassador and his continuous communication for the success of their mission.