Ambassador of Republic of Iraq in Delhi Briefs Iraq’s Stance on Issues and Challenges Facing the Region to a Group of Indian Media

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in New Delhi Dr. Falah Abdul Hassan Al-Saadi, met a group of journalists and correspondents of the most important Indian newspapers in the Indian capital New Delhi.

The Ambassador gave a detailed explanation of the Iraqi government’s stance on the issues and challenges facing the region , and also focused on the priorities of the new Iraqi foreign policy and its role in enhancing stability and security in the region on the highest levels to serve the common interests and resolve outstanding issues, Ambassador Falah also talked about strengthening bilateral relations between Iraq and India and the importance of the Indian citizen to find out  about the real picture of the security and political development on the Iraqi arena, as well as the openness of Iraq to the world and welcomed the return of Indian companies to actively contribute to the re-building of infrastructure.