Iraq, Netherlands Co-chair Ministerial Meeting on Holding Da’esh Accountable for Atrocities  

Iraq, represented by Foreign Minister Mohamad A. Alhakim in cooperation with the Netherlands, held a ministerial meeting attended by a large number of UN member states, relevant UN agencies, and a number of human rights activists.
The meeting focused on a number of issues that are part of confronting terrorism and mitigating its repercussions, especially the Da’esh terrorist gangs such as: holding Da’esh accountable for its atrocities; achieving justice and transparency in the prosecution of crimes, directing energies to prevent the return of Da’esh and coordinating efforts between the judicial authorities in Iraq and the European countries and other countries in the region to ensure justice and enact laws to prosecute terrorists.
This came in the context of the UN General Assembly in its 74th session in New York.
The meeting also discussed the need for post-Da’esh reconstruction, support for victims of Da’esh crimes, the importance of cooperating with the United Nations and friendly countries for reconstruction of liberated areas and assisting locals in building community bonds to ensure the sustainability of peace.