Iraq Participates in Meeting of Gulf Cooperation Council States, United States, and Jordan.

Iraq was invited by the United States of America to provide a summary of its foreign policy towards the Gulf States at the conclusion of the meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council States, the United States and Jordan.
Foreign Minister Mr. Mohamad A. Alhakim reviewed the Iraqi government’s viewpoint on the issues and challenges in the region, and pointed out that Iraq’s priorities are to maintain regional security, international peace, promote stability in the region, and develop intra-regional trade between Iraq and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, as well as the distinctive relations between Iraq and its non-Arab neighbors, Iran and Turkey.
Minister Alhakim also discussed the efforts of the Iraqi government in strengthening relations with Egypt and Jordan at the highest level and serving the common interests in addition to the countries of the Maghreb, especially Tunisia and Algeria, and that Iraq is working hard to settle the outstanding issues with brotherly neighbor countries, and that Iraq stands against bias policy stressing that Iraq is working to improve relations with its neighbors in the region according to the program of the Prime Minister.