Ambassador Al-Suhail Meets with Prince Al-Hassan Bin Talal, Minister of Interior and Chief of the Royal Court on Conclude her Tenure in Amman

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Palestine Mrs. Safia Taleb Al-Suhail, met with Prince Al-Hassan Bin Talal, the President of the Royal Hashemite Court, Mr. Yousef Al-Issawi, and the Jordanian Minister of Interior, Mr. Salama Hammad, separately on the occasion of the end of her tenure in the Kingdom.

During a meeting with the prince at the Royal Court, Mrs. Safia stressed that the Iraqi-Jordanian relations witnessed a remarkable development during the past period at various levels to serve the mutual interests of both countries, while the prince expressed his appreciation for the efforts throughout her tenure as ambassador to Iraq in Amman.

 Mrs. Al-Suhail appreciated the level of cooperation and coordination between the Iraqi Embassy and the Royal Hashemite Court during her meeting with Mr. Al-Issawi, Chief of the Court, which led to overcome many obstacles politically and economically as well as the affairs of the Iraqi community.

In a meeting with Jordanian Interior Minister Mr. Salama Hammad at the ministry’s headquarters, the minister stressed coordination and cooperation between the two brotherly countries, especially in the security field, while expressing his ministry’s readiness to exert more efforts to solve the problems facing the Iraqi community in the Kingdom.