Foreign Minister Meets Algerian Prime Minister Mr. Noureddine Badawi

Foreign Minister Mohamad A. Alhakim met with Algerian Prime Minister Mr. Noureddine Badawi on an official visit to Algeria as part of strengthening ties, discussing bilateral and issues of common concern.
The Minister conveyed the greetings of the President and the Prime Minister to the Algerian Prime Minister and the people.
Minister Alhakim stressed that Iraq is recovering after the victory over terrorism, stating the importance of benefiting from the natural and human resources that are available to both countries, and must be developed to achieve an economic renaissance beneficial to the two peoples, adding that : Youth is an important segment of society that should be taken care of and their ambitions met and guide their energies to serve the country.
On his part, the Algerian Prime Minister Mr. Noureddine Badawi congratulated the Minister on Iraq’s victory over terrorism, noting: This victory is for all Arabs, and Algeria in particular, praising Iraq’s support for Algeria, especially after independence in various fields, including education, explaining that this support has had a positive impact in the hearts of all the Algerian people, and considered Minister Alhakim’s visit is of great importance to the Algerian government and people, to strengthen the rapprochement between the two peoples and pave the way for future cooperation.
The two sides agreed to establish sports and cultural activities between the two countries to achieve practical communication between the two peoples.