The Foreign Minister Presides over First Session of Meeting of Ministers Council and Gives Speech

Foreign Minister Mohamad A. Alhakim gave the opening speech at the first session of the Ministerial Council at its 152nd regular session at the level of Foreign Ministers.

Minister Alhakim’s speech included an update on the situation in the Arab region, including: Iraq’s urging  Arab and regional countries and the international community to support the new Sudanese government to achieve stability and maintain the unity of Sudan, stressing the continuation of support for the Palestinian issue, raising the momentum for demanding the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, and stopping the violations.

Minister Al-hakim stated Iraq’s position on the issue of waterways security and freedom of navigation in the Arab Gulf region: Iraq does not support projects and plans that lead to raising tension in the vital region, stressing the importance of finding solutions to the crises facing our Arab region, stating that : “It is imperative for this Council, at all levels, to find appropriate solutions that avoid our peoples the scourge of wars and internal conflicts.”

And added that ” The Iraqi people have endured the ravages of wars that have wasted financial and human resources for more than four decades and confronted the wave of Dae’sh terrorism, and eliminated it unified with the support of brothers and friends, pointing out that: Iraq needs the support of its brothers and friends to eradicate this scourge from its roots, and to address extremism and violence that threaten our countries.

Minister Alhakim stressed Iraq’s rejection of the Turkish military presence on Iraqi soil, and stated that Iraq is working to end it by all means; Iraq has expressed its readiness to cooperate with Turkey in security and ways agreed upon between the two countries.

Minister Alhakim pointed out that Iraq’s position on Arab issues is the adoption of the principle of dialogue between the people of one country, and support international and regional efforts aimed at achieving peace and stability and the preservation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Arab countries and the return of displaced people to their homes, Syria’s restoration of its membership in the League of Arab states, and renewed the call to support the Federal Republic of Somalia to overcome its crisis and achieve its development plans.

Minister Alhakim condemned in his speech the attacks of the Israeli occupation on some Arab countries, and affirms their right to self-defense against these blatant attacks, in belief in the principles of the League of Arab States and the Arab Solidarity Charter, which affirmed the opposition to conspiracies that threaten the security and stability of Arab countries, expressing the keenness of Iraq during its presidency of the Council of the League of Arab States to promote the joint Arab action through communication and consultation with Arab foreign ministers and the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, to work to advance the pace of Arab action in a manner that contributes to alleviate the impact of the crises affecting our region to achieve the aspirations of our peoples towards the path of progress and prosperity.