Iraqi Ambassador in The Hague Meets with President of Royal Dutch Medical Society KNMG

Dr. Hisham Al Alawi, Iraq’s Ambassaor to The Hague visited the headquarters of the Royal Dutch Medical Society (KNMG), where he met with its President Dr. René Héman and Ms. Antina de Jong, Director of Legal Affairs and External Relations.

During the meeting, they discussed ways of enhancing bilateral relations with their Iraqi counterparts, and benefiting from Dutch expertise in developing medical education and improving the Iraqi health system.

At the outset of the meeting, Ambassador Al-Alawi expressed his hope that this meeting will establish a positive long-term relationship, pointing to the nature of the Iraqi health system, medical education and higher training in medical specialties, , noting the presence of a large number of doctors of Iraqi origin who work in Netherlands , ​​and the embassy is working to invest their expertise, and exchange with Iraqi doctors inside Iraq, through the establishment of the Iraqi Doctors Association in the Netherlands, similar to the Medical Association in the United Kingdom.