Press Statement

Foreign Minister Mr. Mohamad A. Alhakim met today with League of Arab States Secretary General Mr. Ahmed Aboul Gheit. Minister Alhakim stated that the Arab League is the home of all member states, in which solutions should be formulated for all crises and challenges facing our countries, especially at the present time, which witnesses multiple crises in a number of Arab countries, as well as facing terrorist organizations and threats to security.

The two sides discussed the Secretary-General’s efforts to follow up the implementation of the relevant resolutions on Iraq, and stressed the importance of the League’s continued support for Iraq’s efforts to counter terrorism.

As part of the reconstruction process following the defeat of Da’esh terrorist gangs, we called on the Secretary-General of the Arab League to urge the Arab countries that made pledges to Iraq at the Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq.

Minister Alhakim highlighted the importance of Iraq receiving its share in Iraqi expertise within the staff of the Arab League.
Minister Alhakim called for the speedy signing of a memorandum of understanding with the General Secretariat of Arab League for the cancellation of 75% of Iraq’s debts within the support funds provided to Arab countries.

Minister Alhakim expressed the aspiration of Iraq for the efforts of the Secretary General of the Arab League to promote solidarity among the various Arab countries in order to serve the stride of Arab action.
In this context, Minister Alhakim stressed that the Arab League should play an active role in ending regional tensions and resolving the crises suffered by some Arab countries, including Syria, Yemen and Libya.
The two sides discussed the issue of ending the Syrian crisis by adopting dialogue, political solution that leads to stabilization and the return of Syria to its place in the Arab League.
They also stressed the necessity of ending the war in Yemen, stopping the human suffering of the people, and providing assistance to alleviate the daily damage that they suffer, in the Libyan issue, the Minister pointed out Iraq’s position in support of efforts for a political solution and the elimination of terrorist organizations.

Minister Alhakim expressed his condemnation and rejection of the Israeli bombardment of a number of Arab countries, which represents a blatant assault, and pointed out that Iraq will take all possible legal means; to stand in the face of such attacks and violations in a manner that preserves the security of the country and the integrity of its territory.

With regard to Iraq’s stance on the International Coalition for Gulf Security, and the participation of the Zionist entity, Minister Alhakim reiterated his position rejecting the participation of the Zionist entity in any military activities in the region, and that Gulf security is a participatory security carried out by all countries bordering the Gulf.

We hope that efforts will be focused on strengthening Arab action to face the challenges facing the Arab countries at the present stage, in a way that contributes to preserving their capabilities, and we look forward to finding political solutions to the existing crises to preserve the unity and sovereignty of the Arab countries and achieve economic prosperity.

Foreign Ministry Official Spokesman
Dr. Ahmed Al-Sahaf