In continuance to the diplomatic efforts
in the past two days, conducted by the Foreign Minister Mr. Mohamad A. Alhakim in meeting with Ambassadors, and Chargé d’affaires (for the absence of their ambassadors) from the permanent members of the UN Security Council (United States, Britain, France, China), in addition to the German charge d’affaires (for the absence of the ambassador).
Today, Foreign Minister Alhakim met with the Ambassador of Russia (a permanent member of the UN Security Council) and held an extensive meeting with Arab ambassadors accredited to Iraq.
These meetings come within the framework of stressing the centrality of preserving Iraq’s independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and social cohesion, and its rejection of any interference in its internal affairs, or its involvement in the crises of the region at the expense of other sides.
It was also stressed that Iraq is committed to the principle of good-neighborliness, and will not be allowed to be the arena for conflict and disagreement
We affirm that the security of Iraq is the top priority of the government, and we emphasize the importance of the safety of all Iraqi security formations that are protected legally and under the command of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, with outstanding national performance and demonstrated high efficiency, and made great sacrifices in the liberation of cities from Da’esh. We therefore express Iraq’s absolute and indisputable rejection of any attack under any pretext or allegation.
Minister Alhakim revealed in these meetings that the Foreign Ministry will take the necessary diplomatic and legal measures through the United Nations and the UN Security Council, and coordinate with brotherly and friendly countries to address any action that violates the sovereignty of Iraq and affects the territorial integrity.
Foreign Ministry Official Spokesperson
Dr. Ahmed Al-Sahaf