Press release

Press release

Iraq expresses its strong condemnation of the terrorist incident suffered by our brothers in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which claimed the lives of civilians and injured others.

While Iraq affirms its rejection of terrorism in all its forms , it stands with the international community in the face of terrorism, supports all good efforts aimed at eliminating extremism and violence, in addition to supporting the efforts of the Egyptian government in its actions to maintain security and stability of the country. Iraq states its readiness to assist in facing this threat to the lives of secure citizens.

This painful incident confirms that terrorism has no religion, no homeland, and aims at life in all its forms, and that all humanity areas are targeted by terrorism, Its elimination requires the co-operation of international efforts and joint cooperation among all States.

We share the pain and sorrow of the Egyptian government and people at these moments, and we extend our sincere heartfelt condolences and heartfelt sympathy. Wishing mercy to the martyrs, and speedy recovery of the wounded.
Foreign Ministry Official Spokesman
Dr. Ahmed Al-Sahaf

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