Iraq Participates in Conference of Non-aligned Countries Member States in Caracas

Iraq participated in the conference of non-aligned countries member states in Caracas on 21/7/2019, which lasted for four days and was attended by 120 member countries. The final communiqué was read out unanimously to achieve international peace and security and stressed the importance of solidarity and unity among member states to meet the challenges and international conflicts peacefully and to protect human rights based on the founding principles of the organization at the Bandung Conference in Indonesia in 1955. The Iraqi delegation participated in the conference and was chaired by Ambassador Qassem Askar Hassan.

Ambassador Askar gave Iraq’s speech at the conference, pointing out that Iraq is one of the first founders of the Organization and has a prominent and effective role over the decades through its contribution and achievements, pointing out the remarkable victories achieved by the Iraqi security forces in the elimination of Da’esh terrorist gangs and   liberation of Iraqi cities, calling on Member States to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq.

On the sidelines of the conference, the head of the Iraqi delegation held several productive bilateral meetings with the heads of the delegations participating in the conference, including heads of delegations of Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Libya and the Republic of Azerbaijan as the next president of the Non-Aligned Movement in  its next 18 session.