Foreign Minister Gives Iraq’s Speech at Ministerial Conference to Advance Religious Freedom

Foreign Minister Mohamad A. Alhakim delivered Iraq’s speech at the Ministerial Conference to Advance Religious Freedom in Washington organised by the US State Department.
In his speech, Minister Alhakim stressed that the essence of humanity is the common factor among societies, pointing out that coexistence between religions in Iraq is a popular culture of the people, creating an environment of creativity in many fields, including literature, art and scientific research.

Minister Alhakim spoke in his speech about Da’esh terrorist gangs and the crimes committed against the Iraqi people of various religious affiliations, explaining that Iraq has suffered from the worst attack known to modern human history represented by Da’esh terrorist gangs through violations and attacks against Iraqis of different religions, sects and nationalities.

Minister Alhakim spoke about the fraternity and the coexistence of Iraqi diversity manifested by the religious authority in Najaf which called on all Iraqis to defend their land and face these criminal gangs, noting that Iraq has been able through its heroes of different religions, sects, and ethnic groups to defeat Da’esh gangs militarily, with the help and support of the Global Coalition to Defeat Da’esh .
Minister Alhakim called on concerted efforts by all countries to eliminate terrorism, and the development of a global program to counter extremist ideology, pointing out that the Iraqi government in the post-defeat of Da’esh began to implement an expanded program to deal with the crisis of the displaced, and their return to the cities through the reconstruction of infrastructure and the provision of basic services.
In conclusion Minister Alhakim stressed the support for the Conference’s message which focuses on supporting freedom of religion and belief for all without fear, persecution and respect for human dignity and society.