Joint statement by High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini and Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohamed Ali Alhakim on the European Union-Iraq relations and regional cooperation

Iraq and EU strongly affirm their shared commitment to peace and stability in the wider Middle East and call for the de-escalation of the current tensions in the region, reminding that the risks and the consequences may affect Iraq, the region and beyond. The EU and Iraq share a common vision for the region and wish to proactively support actions and initiatives to promote dialogue instead of confrontation, aiming to build a cooperative framework based on shared interests. Cooperation is the strongest foundation of a long-term regional security, stability and sustainable development. The European Union remains committed to work together with the Iraqi government to promote these values and is firmly of the view that the Iraqi proposal of a regional conference merits full support and engagement.

Iraq and EU reaffirm their strong bond of partnership and friendship, deepened in recent years during the joint cooperation to defeat Da’esh. The EU highly values Iraq’s contribution and sacrifices in the war against terrorism and supports its efforts to eradicate all forms of terrorist ideology. Iraq strongly appreciates EU’s support to the Government of Iraq and to the Iraqi people as well as the EU’s commitment to peace and stability in the Middle East through diplomatic engagement.

The 2018 EU Strategy for Iraq defines the mechanism to support the political and economic priorities of the partnership with the Government. The entry into force of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement with Iraq (PCA) in August 2018 sets the legal framework for this partnership. Both sides look forward to swift implementation, which will reinforce cooperation on a range of topics of mutual interest, including democracy and human rights, economic and trade matters, energy, security, transport, environment and migration-related issues.

The EU and the Government of Iraq will continue to work together to achieve the objectives of the Conference for Iraq Reconstruction held in Kuwait in February 2018 to provide a better future for the Iraqi people, based on improved governance and inclusive economic development. Since 2014, the EU has provided €1.2 billion in humanitarian, stabilisation, development, and security cooperation, which is the best testimony of its long term commitment to a strategic partnership with Iraq.