Press Release

The media reported inappropriate remarks by the Iraqi Ambassador in Washington. It is important for the Foreign Ministry to make clear that countries and media attach particular importance to the Palestinian issue, which is often a key focus of conferences and meetings attended by our representatives and delegations abroad and sometimes a lack of expression occurs to distort Iraq’s principled position,  therefore we renew the emphasis of the situation of Iraq on the Palestinian issue is the same as the principled and historical position of rejecting the Israeli occupation and its violation of Arab land. We do not establish any relations with the occupying state and abide by the principle of boycott.

Iraq has always been in all regional and international forums, and throughout history, supporting the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people in its struggle and defending its rights, and did not give up one day its position, which rejects all forms of normalization with this entity, the usurper of the land, kills, displaces and destructs life aggressively.

Foreign Ministry Official Spokesman        

 Dr.  Ahmed Al- Sahaf