Foreign Minister Meets with Members of the Security Council

Foreign Minister Mohamad A. Alhakim met with members of the Security Council who visited Baghdad for one day in support of the Iraqi government.
Minister Alhakim reviewed the developments in the political situation in Iraq, the government’s efforts to establish security, achieve stability, and reconstruct the cities liberated from Da’esh terrorist gangs.

Minister Alhakim outlined Iraq’s needs for support by the Security Council in the post-victory over Da’esh phase and the government’s move towards adopting the investment program in the reconstruction process.

The meeting discussed the regional and international issues of concern to Iraq and the Minister expressed the government’s vision of the crises in the region, the necessity of adhering to the principle of political solution, and sparing the region the tensions that affect all in the event of wars and confrontations.

Minister Alhakim stressed Iraq’s keenness to deal with the decisions of the United Nations, whose Security Council is one of its important organs; considering it represents an international umbrella for the rights of all peoples of the world, especially that Iraq is a founding state of the United Nations.