The Representation of Republic of Iraq in Geneva Participates in Fifth Dialogue on Internal Displacement

 The Representation of Iraq in Geneva participated in the Fifth Dialogue on Internal Displacement organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and IDMC, in the presence of several relevant countries accredited to the United Nations Office at Geneva.

The Deputy Permanent Representative Dr. Abbas Kadhem Obaid summarized the vision of Iraq towards long-term solutions, and stated that there is no unified solution to prevent and address the crisis of displacement to fit all countries because of the different circumstances and causes of displacement as well as to the different capacities of countries and their potential, noting that the Iraqi experience proved the need to deal with each case separately to ensure that its roots are properly treated.

Dr. Abbas Kadhem Obaid also discussed the issue of urban displacement, the experience of Iraq in this area, and the Iraqi government’s efforts to integrate displaced people into the host communities and the facilities provided to alleviate their suffering, including the granting of cash assistance, the reissue of lost documents, their access to the labor market, and their integration into health and education systems in the areas where they were displaced.