Foreign Ministry Holds Seminar on Future of Regional Cooperation in International Water of Tigris and Euphrates Basin

In the presence of Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Mr. Nizar Al-Khairallah , the Foreign Ministry held a seminar on “Future of Regional Cooperation in the International Water Sector in the Tigris and Euphrates Basin” on Thursday, 20/6/2019

The seminar included items on re-employment of opportunities and potential strategic by Dr.  Suhad Ismail, regional cooperation on water delivered by Dr. Hamza Sharif and the best political dealings with Turkey in the issue of water by Dr. Muthana Al-Mahdawi.

The seminar was attended by members of the Council of Representatives, Ms. Iqbal Abdul Hussein, Mr. Furat Tamimi and Dr. Sadiq Jawad from the consultants and staff of the Ministry. The seminar aimed at exchanging views and visions between the academic and scientific bodies and the concerned government bodies. In addition to discussing International waters and the optimal dealing with them and negotiating options available to Iraq, as well as ways of cooperation with international parties.