Ambassador of Republic of Iraq in India Meets with Vice President of Federation of Indian Industries

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Delhi Mr. Falah Abdul Hassan Al Saidi met at the embassy with Mr. Sagi Mathieu, Vice President of the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) in the Indian state of Kerala and his accompanying delegation, after the exchange of greetings and thanks to Ambassador Falah touched on the history of Iraqi-Indian relations, especially in the field of trade, and economic stability and security witnessed by Iraq after the elimination of Da’esh terrorist gangs.

The Ambassador urged through the Vice President of the Federation of Indian Industries for Indian companies especially medical ones to invest in all Iraqi governorates. Mr. Sagi stressed India’s desire to send delegations to participate in major companies in the state of Kerala to Iraq during the visit, and to seek investment opportunities with their counterparts from Iraqi companies to serve the interests of the two friendly peoples.