Ministry of Industry and Minerals


  Diala state company is pleased to advertise an investment opportunity as (partnership contract) to execute a project to produce step down  electric distribution transformers with capacity 1000MVA yearly with transfer rates (33/0, 416) KV and (11/0, 416) KV according to international standard technical specifications IEC60076 and the ministry of electricity demands. The wishing companies submit their requests and offers to the company headquarters in Diala province and the last date to deliver the bidding will be at 2:00 p.m of closing date on 30/9/ 2019 as per obligations and terms bellow :-

Required Documents :

  1. Submitting offers and requests by international manufacturing companies specialized in industrial field and it is possible to accept offers from other companies or commercial or financial establishments or investors or capital owners attached to contracting documents and cooperation (authorization or agency or partnership) with specialized manufacturing companies supporting in the announced field through (DHL, TNT, …etc) or direct submitting in our company headquarters.
  2. Submitting company documents including establishment certificate and CV about the company and supporting companies (if there any) and presenting leaflets about their works.
  3. Submitting financial situation attached to it financial statements for last Two years legalized by legal accountant or international auditing company provided that all documents should be legalized by Iraqi Embassy in country of with legal Arabic translated copy.
  4. Submitting a letter from reliable banks confirming financial efficiency and transactions with statement of cash and deposits for last financial year legalized by statements auditor and career council of monitoring and auditing statements of Iraqi companies inside Iraq as per samples and stamps of career council  or by Iraqi Embassy in country of foreign companies.
  5. Depending on a letter from council of ministers / law office No. Q7289/59/1/21 on 13/3/2018 regarding regulations of clause (14) of foreign companies branches No. (2) in 2017 regarding establishment license and opening branch in Iraq at contracting and recording it formally at companies registration within (3) months after date of signing the contract.

Required Obligations from Bidding Companies:-

  1. Submitting letter of guarantee equal (200 000) Dollars (Two hundred thousand Dollars ) at signing the contract to be released after completing supplying production lines, machine, equipments.
  2. Supplying and executing all civil works and required designs to establish the production line , accessories and warehouse.
  3. Supplying production lines, machines, equipments, mould, spare parts and necessary devices for production, test from reliable origins to ensure fulfilling required capacity.
  4. Supplying raw materials, semi-finished parts and all production requisites from reliable international origins .
  5. Supplying know how, technical documents, drawings, technology process required for testing , maintenance and services.
  6. Submitting feasibility technical and economical study of the project including execution timetable , business plan showing mechanism of executing the rates, specifying production capacity, number of workers and their specialty, financial study including (production costs, sales prices … etc) and fixing the shares for each party.
  7. The bidding company bear all taxes and customs fees incurring from entering materials into Iraq as per valid regulations and instructions.
  8. Submitting complete program to train our company staff inside and outside Iraq on production, maintenance, test, designs and technical know- how.
  9. The partnership contract period no less than (5) years and no more than (20) years and we suggest (15) years.
  10. Mutual cooperation in marketing the product.
  11. The additional value for manufacturing the product no less than (20 %).
  12. Inviting delegation from Dial company before signing contract to view the bidding company abilities or the supporting technical parties.

Diala Company Contribution in the Project :-

  1. Providing necessary areas for the project.
  2. Providing workers for the project.
  3. Providing necessary industrial services and any other requirements which the contributing company can’t submit and our company is able to provide.
  4. Facilitating getting formal approvals as per Iraqi law and valid instructions.

Our company is ready to answer any question or inquiry through E-mail [email protected] or attending our company and there are attachments you can view on the company website (Technical and economical feasibility study).