Press Release

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is following with concern the subject of the Iraqi immigrants and the dangers arise from it, as they are targets of smuggling and human trafficking networks in a way that may cause bad consequences for the security and lives of individuals.As we renew our call to the Iraqi citizens not to fall into the trap of these groups, we point out that the Iraqi government has taken a series of measures to limit the exploitation of travelers to a number of countries. In this context, Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein received today, Friday, several phone calls from Mr. Josep Borrell, High Representative for Politics and Security of the European Union, Mr. Gabrielius Landsbergis, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, and Mr. Edgar Rinkevich, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia.During these calls, the Minister confirmed that Iraqi laws guarantee freedom of travel for the Iraqi citizen, but that human trafficking, and the dangers of expanding smuggling networks, and its reflection on the security of Iraqi travelers, are classified as criminal acts.The Minister referred to the measures recently taken by the government to protect the Iraqi citizens who were victims of smuggling networks, including the temporary suspension of travel to Belarus, and the continuation of flights back from it to Baghdad, in addition to investigations regarding the smuggling and targeting of citizens that make their fate unknown.