Investment Opportunity

investment opportunity for the construction of the sponge iron factory in Basra Governorate in state company for iron and steel

Specialized international companies ,local companies,  businessmen and financiers are invited to participate in this opportunity that will achieve economic feasibility and create quick positive returns.

The investor participates in supporting, managing and operating the plant for a period of time that can be negotiated.

It is possible to obtain the investment file from the state company for iron and steel   commercial  Department for an amount of (150) thousand dinars (one hundred and fifty thousand dinars) is not refundable as of       25      /     8     / 2019  for one month from the date of Announce

The main strengths of this opportunity

1- Availability of manpower and experience

2. Adequate investment legislation and conditions favorable to the agreement

3. Quick recovery period for capital

4-the great and growing demand  for the material produced in the iron and steel industry and the absence of  similar factories in  the country.

The Ministry of Industry and Minerals expresses its readiness to assist the investor in clarifying and facilitating necessary visits to the plant if necessary

Investors are kindly requested to submit their offers at:

Iraq – basrah – khoralzuber

 Email : [email protected]