The Ambassador meets the Pope during the annual meeting of his Holiness with members of the diplomatic corps

On Thursday, January 9th 2020, The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq, accredited to the Holy See (Vatican) Dr. Amal Musa Hussein, accompanied by her embassy diplomatic staff, attended the annual invitation of the Secretariat of State with H. Holiness Pope (Francis) that takes place at the beginning of each year with the head of missions and members of the diplomatic corps accredited to the Holy See, to exchange the congratulations on the occasion of the new Gregorian calendar year. During the meeting, Pope (Francis) delivered a speech in which he expressed to the present diplomats his best wishes by the upcoming year, and thanked them for their tireless commitment in strengthening the ties that link the Holy See with their countries in the interest of peaceful coexistence between peoples. The Pope emphasized that peace and integrated human development are the primary goal of the Holy See in its diplomatic obligations.

  During the ceremony, Ambassador Dr. Amal met His Holiness Pope (Francis),and the members of the Vatican ministers and cardinals like the Prime Minister Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Deputy Prime Minister Mons. Edgar Pina, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mons. Paul Richard Gallagher and Head of the Protocol Department Mons. Joseph Murphy, they all presented their wishes and blessings in the occasion of the New Year.

  The meeting ended with a memorial photo of the heads of diplomatic missions from the resident and non-resident ambassadors accredited to the Holy See with the Pope in the Grand Ballroom.

  On the evening of the same day, the Ambassador attended the dinner invitation organized by the heads of diplomatic missions in honour of the Vatican Prime Minister, on the occasion of the beginning of the New Year.