The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq to the Vatican opens a book of condolences

Under the direction of His Excellency the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Muhammad Ali al-Hakim, the embassy opened a book of condolences on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th, in order to receive the mourners for the spirit of the martyr of the Deputy Chairman of the Popular Mobilization Committee Jamal Jaafar (Abu Mahdi al-Mohandas) and a few of his bodyguards, both ambassadors of the republic of Iraq to the Holy See Dr. Amal Musa Hussain Al Rubaye and Rome Mrs. SafiaTalib Al-Suhail,stood in a moment of prayer honoring the martyrs souls,afterwards they registered their condolences massage in the book.

        Many ambassadors and diplomats arrived to register their condolences, preceded by the Iranian Ambassador and the Salvador Ambassador accredited to the Vatican.