Archaeological sites in Dhi Qar

The archaeological city of Ur: Ur is a Sumerian city located in southern Mesopotamia in the province of Dhi Qar. Today, the ruins of Ur represent a prominent archaeological site in Sumer from the architectural construction represented by the Ziggurat and the area of temples, as well as the royal cemetery.

Nasiriyah Civilization Museum: is established in 1969 by the Portuguese company Gulbenkian on the banks of the Euphrates River towards Shamiya city. The museum building included 14 halls in which artifacts were displayed, evenly distributed over two floors, in addition to the administration wing and the library hall.

The marshes of Chaibayish: Chaibayish is a district in Dhi Qar governorate, located east of Nasiriyah, northwest of Basra governorate. Chaibayish center is located on the Hammar Marshes near the Euphrates River. Al-Chaibayish plural the word Chibayish, which is an artificial island that swims on the water surface of the marsh. It was carefully prepared and made of layers of silt, reeds and sedge that were made stacking them on top of each other until it becomes like a floating island on which the homes of the reeds can be built. This way of living was mentioned through the Sumerian blogs seven thousand years ago.

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