Covid-19: The Iraqi government reduces curfew hours, permits airports, malls to reopen

Iraq’s Higher Committee for Health and Public Safety meets in Baghdad and decides to:

  • Amend the partial curfew hours to start from 9 PM to 5 AM, with a total curfew on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  • Review the imposition of the total curfew after  Eid Al-Adha holiday
  • Allow malls and shopping centres to reopen under strict conditions including the implementation of preventative health and social distancing measures
  • Allow Iraq’s airports to reopen from 23/07/2020
  • Allow Al-Mundhiriyah, Safwan and Al-Shaib border crossings to reopen for trade and commercial exchange

The Committee underscored the importance of adhering to strict preventative health measures and social distancing rules, and reiterated that Covid-19 remains a serious threat to public health, urging all citizens to continue to follow official health guidance.

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