Indigent Deportation

Indigent deportation 
Iraqis indigent deportation

Intended of Indigent deportation, are Iraqi citizens who have been befell them certain calamity; lost their passports or have run out of money and would like to return to Iraq. Although the Embassy is responsible for dealing with situations of citizens abroad in such cases, however, at the present time there is no specific financial allocation embassy can spend it to indigent deportation but that the embassy can do the following : –
1. After the embassy to be sure of indigent’s origin by providing proves that Iraqis (the Civil Status Card – a certificate of nationality – a copy of his lost passport), Embassy send a telegram to the Consular Department at the Ministry learned of the information and request approval to issue a passport for him.
2. Providing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Consular Department with adequate information for the address of his family in Iraq for the purpose of attending to the Ministry and the paying of the expenses of the ticket or any other expenses after the Embassy had set the amount.
3. The Ministry accounts receive the Amount ( set by the Embassy ) from the citizen’s family and send telegram to the Embassy to book ticket and any other expenses and send it with the accounts of the Embassy to the Ministry for Expenses Settlement ( the amounts must be estimated on the basis of prices in Hard Currency ) .
4. When the Embassy receives a telegram, orders to book a ticket and deports indigent.
Note: – In the case that an indigent’s passport missing, his Testimony must taken and sent in an official letter to the Directorate of Passports and if his passport with him, it pulls from him and provide him laissez passer for the purpose of deport him to Iraq.’