Non Conviction Certificate

First: How to obtain a Non Conviction Certificates (Certificates of Good Conduct) :
In order to help the Iraqi citizens living abroad ,or Arabs and foreigners who have already reside in Iraq, obtaining a Non Conviction Certificates , they need to follow these steps : –
1 . To apply for getting the certificate to the consul or his nominee , according to the application form (No. 3 ) .
2 – To write down accurately all information in the record of the applicant according to the form number (2).
3 . To write down accurately all information in the finger prints form according to form number (5).
4 . To put fingers prints of the certificate requester clearly according to the form number (6).
5 . To attach a passport photocopy of the certificate requester .
6 . To attach four new colored photographs.
7 . An amount of (10,000 ) ten thousand Iraqi dinars to be collected by the Directorate of Criminal Evidences Investigations in Baghdad ( letter of the Consular Department No. m . G 01/26/1460 at 03/24/2011 ) .
8 . To send all that has been mentioned in the paragraphs above along with a letter from the embassy to the Directorate of Criminal Evidences Investigations. Then the certificate to be issued and brought back to the mission in the same way it was received.
9 . It is necessity to write the name of the certificate requester in a foreign language according to his passport.

Please note the following: –
1 . The form of the certificate to be given for the Iraqis is the same to be given for the Arabs or foreigners who have already staying in Iraq .
2 . The certificate issued needs no ratification by the Ministry of Interior.
3 . To put the left hand thumb print of the requester in the proper field on the certificate under the supervision of the embassy’s competent official.
4 . To use black ink instead of the blue when taking fingerprints .

Non-conviction certificate

1- Applicant must give a specific power of attorney to a “trustee” in Iraq allows him to follow-up the paper work of obtaining police clearance .A power of attorney will then be need to be certified and legalized by Canadian Foreign Affairs in Ottawa.

 Address: Enquiries Service (BCI) Foreign Affairs, 125 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, ON, Canada KIAOG2      

Telephone: 1-800-267-8376 (toll-free in Canada), 613-944-4000 (in the National Capital Region and outside Canada).

2-.  A power of attorney will then be legalized by the Embassy of Iraq.
3.  Presence of the applicant himself to the embassy;
4.  (4) Recent coloured photos for the size of (35 * 45 mm) with a white background;
5.  The original Identity of the civil status and the nationality certificate and coloured copies for both of them; 
6.  Coloured copy of the Iraqi passport;
7.  Certificate’s fee is US $10, and free for Iraqis. 
8.  Coloured copy of a passport for a foreigner. 

The applicant receives a sealed envelope where she/he should send it to the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, Criminal Evidence Department, Office of Fingerprint. In turn, the applicant will receive a sealed envelope after the papers are done. 

7.  Please send the sealed envelope to the Iraqi Embassy in Ottawa with a prepaid envelope to ratify