United Nations General Assembly Adopts an International Resolution to Save Iraq’s Cultural Heritage

2015-05-28-01 - Copy

United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to save the cultural heritage of Iraq on May 28, 2015 unanimously by its members in response to the terrorist acts carried out by the terrorist gangs of Daash of smashing and looting Iraqi antiquities and heritage.

The decision came in response to an initiative of Iraq launched by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari, in his speech to the United Nations General Assembly on April 21 2015. The resolution called for the immediate cessation of wanton destruction inflicted on Iraq’s cultural heritage, including religious sites.

The decision also stressed that the terrorist gangs used the revenue earned from the illicit trade in antiquities in recruiting terrorists and financing terrorist operations. The Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations, Dr. Mohammed Ali al-Hakim said in a speech at the meeting which was attended by Minister of State for the German Foreign Affairs Ms. Maria Boehmer and Director General of UNESCO, Ms. Irina Bokova on the importance of the decision not only to Iraq but to the whole of humanity, stressing the importance of international support for Iraq and standing in the face of the dark forces that seek to destroy its past, present and future.

Dr Hakim thanked the international community, especially the countries that sponsored the resolution. It is worth to mention that the resolution supported by 90 countries.

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2 Responses

  1. Dana Williams says:

    The entire global principles of humanity the United Nations reminds is considered as vital as protecting and implementing a plan to cease fire from terrorist gangs of Daash in Iraq. The root and principles of each and every state, region, nation, or entity is built from the foundation of humanitarian actions to maintain the historical, current, and future position and importance.

    Terrorism is developed from a disposition of breeding fear into others, cognitive manipulation and teachings, and creating opportunities for displaced power that creates superior and inferior stances in another, a family, region, or a nation. Terrorism breaks down the essence of truth to the historical and deeper meaning of any previous development or creation. Terrorism breaks down the core of trust, equality, and solidarity.

    Elimination of wanton destruction must come with identifying the factors that created the destruction. This atrocity must be assessed for future risk factors or broad variances that creates potential violence or more no peaceful approaches for more violence and morbidity.

    A plan does not stop there. Acceptance of a plan from both parties comes with much more responsibility to ensure the future safety and compliance of such plans while rebuilding trust and solidarity among those populations. Peaceful approaches must be maintained with the reminder of win win outcomes for the greater good to keep the fundamental principles the UN practice on, and that is peace.

  1. 09/12/2016

    […] resolution is of importance not only to Iraq, but to the entire international community as well. https://iraqmission.us/2015/05/p=1243 Iraq is also a first time candidate to the Human Rights Council […]

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