UNITAD 6th Report Discussion during Security Council session

On Monday morning, 10/5/2021, the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Iraq to the United Nations participated in the Security Council briefing session presented by the Head of the International Investigation Team (UNITAD) Mr. Karim Khan to discuss his sixth report on the progress of the team’s work made in Iraq under his mandate based on the resolution of the Council. Security 2379 (2017).

H.E. the Permanent Representative, pointed to the importance and necessity for Iraq to obtain the results of the investigations and the evidence, which the investigation team collected throughout the previous period in Iraq, because the Iraqi people are the main victims of the actions and crimes committed by Da’esh in Iraq. Emphasizing that the work of (UNITAD) team shall be in accordance with full respect for the sovereignty of Iraq, its jurisdiction over crimes committed on its territory.

The Permanent Representative praised the progress made in the team’s work and the high cooperation between UNITAD and the Iraqi government represented by the Coordination Committee, which contributed to supporting the team’s work during the past years of its work.

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