IRAQ’s first-time member of the HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL – Women in Iraq…

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  • In 2004, Iraqi women filled 6 Cabinet Ministerial portfolios.
  • There are 84 female representatives in the current Iraqi Council of Representatives (COR).
  • 40% of the workforce in the Iraqi Foreign Service are women.
  • Since 2003, Iraq held five national democratic elections forming five inclusive Governments, five Parliaments, elected three Presidents and appointed four Prime Ministers.

Naziha Dulaimi

She was an early pioneer of the Iraqi feminist movement, co-founder and first president of the Iraqi Women’s League, the first female Minister in Iraq’s modern history, and the first woman cabinet Minister in the Arab world.

Zakia Ismail Haqi

In 1959, she became the first female Iraqi judge. She fought for the cause of woman, children and civil liberties. She has published numerous articles and studies about the role of Iraqi women in accelerating the rate of economic development in the community.

Thekra Alwach

Is the current Mayor of Baghdad, the capital of the Republic of Iraq, a city with approximate population of 7 Million. Alwach has a PhD in civil engineering and is a highly skilled technocrat.

Zaha Hadid

Is an IraqiBritish architect. Her designs are displayed in exhibitions worldwide, and many of her works are held in important museum collections. She is known as an architect who consistently pushes the boundaries of architecture and urban design. Hadid has continued to be involved in academics, holding chairs and guest professorships at a numerus Prestigious Universities around the world.

IRAQ’s first-time candidature to the HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL