IRAQ’s first-time member of the HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL – Culture, folklore and education in Iraq…

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The original Mustansiriya Madrasah (University), was established in 1227 AD by the Abbasid Caliph Al-Mustansir and remains one of the oldest Universities in the world.

University of Baghdad (UoB) is the largest university in Iraq.

  • Baghdad University College of Law is Iraq’s oldest and most prestigious institution, founded in 1908.
  • Baghdad University College of Engineering, established in 1921.
  • The Iraqi Royal College of Medicine, established in 1927.
  • In 1957, these colleges all merged to become the University of Baghdad (UoB).

Cultural institutions

Institutions offering cultural education in Baghdad include:

The Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra is a government funded symphony orchestra in Baghdad. Playing primarily classical European music as well as original compositions based on Iraqi and Arab instruments and music, the orchestra began as the Baghdad Symphony Orchestra in 1944 by Albert Chaffoo.

Baghdad has a number of museums including the National Museum of Iraq – which houses some of the world’s most impressive collections of artifacts and relics of Ancient Iraqi civilization.

Sports in Iraq 

There are wide varieties of sports played and followed in Iraq. Football is the most popular sport in Iraq. Basketball, swimming, weightlifting, bodybuilding, taekwondo, boxing, kickboxing, and tennis are also popular sports.

The Iraqi national football team was the 2007 AFC Asian Cup Champions.

Iraq is one of the most successful national teams in the Arab League, having a winning record totaling four Arab Nations Cups (19641966,19851988).

On the Asian level, Iraq is one of the powerhouses having won the AFC Asian Cup once (2007), the Gold Medal of the Asian Games (1982), three Gulf Cup of Nations (197919841988), and West Asia Championship (2002).

In 2016, Iraq Olympic football team qualified to Rio 2016 Olympic Games men’s football tournament from Asia.

IRAQ’s first-time candidature to the HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL