The Security Council condemned North Korea For conducting nuclear tests


Iraq has pursued with great interest the Security Council session held on 30.11.2016, which adopted unanimously Resolution No.2321 (2016). This resolution has condemned North Korea for conducting five nuclear tests, which reflects the unity and willingness of the international community towards the challenges facing international peace and security.

While the Government of the Republic of Iraq reaffirms its commitments to implement the UN Security Council resolution 2270 (2016), it stresses the importance of complying with all international instruments and relevant resolutions of the Security Council on disarmament and non-profanation of weapons of mass destruction. The Government of Iraq condemns the nuclear and ballistic missiles tests conducted by North Korea ignoring all the related UNSC Resolution, and have the potential to destabilize peace and security in the Korean Peninsula.

Iraq also emphasizes the continuing quest to maintain and strengthen the work of the United Nations aimed at creating a world free of weapons of mass destruction and international peace and security.

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