The Iraqi Permanent Representative participated in the World Mine Action Day

   The Permanent Representative participated in the World Mine Action Day, which falls on 4 April each year. He pointed the problems of the dangers of explosive hazard left from previous wars, losing of the Military Maps of Minefields before 2003, as well as Iraq’s war on terrorism and the lack of modern mine detection technologies used in the detection of mines has left liberated areas significantly contaminated with explosive hazards.

  The Permanent Representative reviewed the efforts of the Iraqi government to facilitate the safe and voluntary return of citizens in the liberated areas, especially before the parliamentary elections in the country on 12 May.

   The Permanent Representative referred to the problems impeding the efforts of the humanitarian response that were in dire need of citizens and preventing civilians from returning safely to their homes.
    The Permanent Representative provided statistics on the mines that the Iraqi Government had removed in the areas liberated from the control of the terrorist group “Da’esh”.

    The Permanent Representative also thanked the efforts of the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) in Iraq, Germany and friends in there efforts to respond to the requests of the Iraqi Government to support the clearance of explosive hazards in liberated areas.

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