Statement by Iraq under the item “International cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space”

First Secretary Walid al-Qaisi delivered Iraq’s statement under the item “International Cooperation in the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space” at the Fourth Committee on Special Political and Decolonization.

Stressing the importance of the peaceful uses of outer space and the importance of investing them in the promotion of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, especially with regard to the environment, climate change, combating desertification, disaster management and pollution reduction, Iraq has already used the available aerial data and images to identify the fires in the oil and sulfur fields, resulting from terrorist attacks and some cases of vandalism and sabotage, and study their effects on environmental and climate changes, in addition to the possibility of controlling rainwater and floods and the possibility of changing its course from populated cities and villages, And to invest them as a strategic water storage in the dry seasons.

Iraq also stressed the importance of using information and data to assess the effects of the devastation caused by wars and terrorist attacks in particular areas liberated from ISIS terrorist organizations, and to provide a comprehensive survey of residential areas, infrastructure and vital facilities to assist in national and international reconstruction efforts.

Iraq stressed its position against the militarization of outer space and its use in dangerous areas that may be reflected negatively on the perimeter of the Earth and the safety of its inhabitants. It also urges the continuation of work to develop the international law system that guarantees the peaceful use of outer space, it also emphasizes that the purposes of international law should be the primary reference in determining liability and damage resulting from the militarization of the use of space.

In conclusion, Iraq urged the international community to continue international and technical cooperation with a view to the sustainability of space activities in a peaceful manner, and not to be used exclusively by a group of States, and to take technological disparity as a pretext and impediment to the use of States for special applications and programs within this vital and important area, and to be A common heritage of all mankind.

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