Security Council of the United Nations held its session on situation in Iraq

on 26/8/2020, the Security Council of the United Nations held its session on situation in Iraq,  in which H.E. the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Iraq, Ambassador Mohammed Hussein Bahr Al-Uloom,  participated and delivered a statement where he provided an overview of political, security and health developments in the last three months, as well as most important achievements and concerns to the Iraqi government.

He  points out the tremendous challenges that Iraq is facing at the current stage and at various levels, also emphasized the government’s keenness to work with its utmost efforts to meet the aspirations and demands of the people as quickly as possible through improving the level of services, facing the Corona pandemic, diversifying economic sources, combating terrorism and achieving concrete reform steps. As one of the most important political developments was the announcement of the Prime Minister the date for organizing early legislative elections on June 6, 2021.

The government believes that efforts to consolidate stability and achieve progress at various levels require a number of conditions, the most important of which are, first: Preserving state sovereignty; Second: strengthening the rule of law and confining weapons to the state.  And third: preventing external parties from transforming our country into the base of their own agendas


Also, he provided an overview of latest developments in foreign policy in general and regional relations in particular, including the outcomes of the Prime Minister’s recent visit to the United States of America and prospects for strategic dialogue, as Iraq welcomes positive and friendly results of the dialogue.


Iraq commends the support provided by the international community in the various fields and affirms that preserving national sovereignty will be the cornerstone of the government’s success and the consolidation of stability.

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