Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations Delivers a Speech in front of the Security Council

المندوب الدائم يلقي كلمة امام مجلس الامن

The Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations, Dr. Mohammed Ali Hakim, delivered a speech in the open debate of the Security Council, which was held on 13 May 2015 on small arms session.

Dr. Hakim referred in his speech to the damage caused by the illegal transfer of small arms and the seizure of them by criminal gangs of Daash as well as their destructive effects on humanity, especially in conflict zones aimed at innocent women and children.

Iraqi permanent representative of Iraq urged all States to abide in the cease of recruitment, support and the smuggling of terrorists into Iraq.

He also expressed that Iraq welcomes all initiatives and conventions on regulatory and supervisory measures to limit the spread of such weapons.

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  1. Kate Tofigh says:

    Dear Dr. Hakim, The battle for Mosul is, I acknowledge, a very complex issue with many participants who have myriad agendas. This morning I was watching one of the news programs when they showed an Iraqi military officer in the middle of an attack. He made a very profound statement that affected me more than all the sophisticated rhetoric I have heard. He said that Iraq is doing this for the world. I truly hope his words will resonate around the globe and that people will offer hope and prayers to him, his troops, the brave Iraqi soldiers, Kurds, and all the coalition forces, as I sincerely do. Kindest regards, Kate Tofigh

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